Perspective makes all the difference. The flexibility of perception is that it is formless in nature. Finding this belief bit right we started working on our own Perceptions – Momentary and transitory is the world- we perceive. The more wavery the more good it is because more concepts, colors and perceptions could be added up to that. We justify our thought and action with this and find the reason to be here as CR8. We think we are on the most passionate zone. It is a matter of letting loose the inherent nature to flourish…somebody call it imagination and others creativity….we don’t disagree as commitment to ourselves and the outer world is positioned in such a way that it cannot part ways, separated. This intelligent harmony gets reflected on all the artistic strokes we attempt to. Giving life to inanimate things is the ultimate task. Someway or other it is interpreted as Godly. What is unlikely godly is the whole process ….it is RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS INNATENESS AND CREATIVITY.